This year, we saw our Seniors flourish at Alphabetti's Youth Festival, which saw many high-standard youth theatres particpate.  We were so proud to say that we sold out the theatre out!  They performed three orginal works, all written by Stage's Aex, and had a go at directoring work too.  All this, in a  4 X 4 space too, gave the pupils a new and different experience.  Wonderfully, their behaviour was immpecable and commented on. Fantastic result!


The Pre-Seniors and Juniors performed orginal work, written by Val and the Stage Team, at The Exchange.  For children of that age to perform so beautifully and confidently is such a massive achievement.  They also had so much fun over the weekend!


We really are so proud of our children week on week and feel very lucky to teach them.


The Stage Family 



Grimm Tales 2017


The show was a huge success and we couldnt be more proud of our talented lot.  We had a wonderful day where we learned and enjoyed a great deal.  The shows were so professional and the audience were thrilled.  Thank you so much to Whitley Bay Playhouse, Kate for lighting design, our Stage Folk Band and all of our kids.  Alex, you are a star too and can't go without a mention!



Buy Tickets!


Tickets are on sale on, from the Whitley Bay Playhouse, for Stage Tynemouth's production of

'The Grimm Tales'.

We want a full and buzzing house to showcase all of our amazing children's talents.  Our resident Stage Folk Band are sounding amazing, you are in for a treat!


The show is on Sunday 9th July 2017 at 7:00pm.  


It is shaping up to be incredible as usual, so what are you waiting for! :-) 


Competition Winner.....


The winner of our poster comp is...Polly from the Pre-Seniors!  A very well done to you!  We felt her design would work really well on the website.  


2nd prize went to Ellen of the Pre-Seniors and 3rd to Darcy from the Juniors.


All enteries were magnificent, so very well done to you all.